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Two rebel grrrls fight the world. Jomarie travels to Europe, seeking euthanasia. Allyn, her friend since childhood, embarks on the first East coast club tour with her punk band, the New Fuck You. Jomarie copes with severe panic attacks and warily navigates her relationship with Dr. Isa Sansvort, the therapist who must evaluate her request for death. Allyn manages a problematic boyfriend/bandmate as she sets the course of the increasingly chaotic tour. When Allyn keeps her promise and flies to meet Jomarie will they conclude that their lives aren't as inevitable as they thought? The Austin Film Fest has called the play, "unique and hilariously vulgar."

  • Date: 9/21/2021 11:59 PM
  • Location: Online Event


Click here to watch The New Fuck You.


              Mara Klein

     Hannah Mae Sturges

              Ally Blaize

             Eric Martig

               Lynn Odell

           Cherish Duke

This is not Zoom read.  All performances were recorded on multitrack podcast apps that delivered clearer images and gave us the ability to add effects and some glorious, kick-ass punk rock.